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Osafo Maafo’s Grossly Misplaced Temper Tantrum

Senior Minister, Mr. Osafo Marfo, reportedly went on a temper tantrum last week apparently miffed that former President, Mr. John D. Mahama had the temerity to show a group of foreign diplomats troubling videos of gun toting masked men strafing unarmed civilians and viciously pummeling others at the just concluded Ayawaso by-election.

Barely able to conceal his contempt for the former Ghana Chief Executive, the wizened Mr. Marfo who is said to wield considerable power and influence at Jubilee House, described Mahama’s action as unpatriotic and shameful.

Mr. Marfo’s reaction is as stunning as it is hugely misplaced; from my angle I see it as a craven scramble by the senior statesman to save face and to shield the administration from all the flak being directed its way.

Examined further, the senior minister’s response indicates a failure to consider the following basic pedestrian facts; 1) videos of the violence went viral and subsequently were viewed by millions, and 2) foreign missions in Ghana closely monitor activities of any kind in the country, be it political, social or economic, primarily to safeguard their interests.

So, it goes without saying that foreign dignitaries needn’t be told twice about we do in our country; the diplomats who met Mr. Mahama clearly did so on their own volition and were, presumably, extending the same courtesy and respect to the main opposition party that they had accorded the NPP administration. Why all the fuss?

I don’t for once entertain the slightest notion that Mr. Mahama erred or set out to diminish our reputation by meeting with the diplomats. He was simply setting the record about the NPP inspired violence straight.

To accuse him of staining the reputation of the country is as absurd as it gets. The country has already suffered reputational damage as a direct consequence of the violence unleashed by NPP goon squads in Ayawaso. Mr. Mahama had no hand in it.

Mr. Maafo’s frustration and anger could have been better directed at the hoodlums who tortured and shot at their fellow citizens. He is a powerful figure in the country and he could easily put an end to the madness by simply issuing orders to disband vigilante groups beginning with the dismantling of those closely associated with his party.

Political vigilantism we all agree is a scourge and left unchecked could derail efforts to sustain the democratic project we have invested so much blood and treasury in.

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