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Otchere Darko is Feeling Big in His Shoes

Gabby Otchere Darko, arguably a powerful unelected “government official” sure knows how to garner “political points”; just haul barbs at your primary political opponent and hope he is diminished by those puerile zingers.
As is his wont, Darko took to Facebook to pronounce former President John Mahama mendacious for having the temerity to portray the government’s rejection of some key recommendations of the Emile Short Committee Report as a shrewd political calculus and a reaffirmation of widespread fears that the NPP would be less committal in restraining violent actors in future national elections.
Mr. Mahama reportedly pointed to the political violence and thuggery at the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election as harbingers of ugly things to come. Mahama’s frank assertion apparently riled Mr. Darko who was unsparing in his criticism of the former President.
“When you get the opportunity to be President and you MISLEAD the people, don’t try to MISLEAD them with LIES when you return into opposition. You Missed your chance,” Darko scolded Mahama.
No surprise here; Darko’s capacity to sling mud is legendary. He is a political animal who survives by being overly aggressive and unfailingly confrontational.
The Emile Short Committee Report was, by and large, a clear repudiation of everything the government had proffered in the immediate aftermath of the violence. A preponderance of corroborative evidence pointed to the complicity of some top government security officials.
It is indeed telling that to date none of those officials has been relieved of their duties or even reprimanded which is abundantly revelatory of what lies ahead as 2020 draws tantalizingly close. . ..

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