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S/R: NPP will match NDC boot for boot in the Damongo constituency – Abu Jinapor

Incumbent MP, Adam Mutawakilu and NPP’s Parliamentary candidate for Damango, Abu Jinapor

The deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Abu Jinapor says the NPP will match the NDC boot for boot in the Damango and other constituencies in the Savannah region come 2020 general elections.

“I wish to entreat all party faithfuls of the New Patriotic Party to work together with a collective goal burying all differences and at the end of the 2020 polls, we shall emerge victorious above any other political party. We are going to match the NDC boot for boot, boot for boot. By the grace of God we are going to match them ‘bompa for bompa’. We are not going to mince words”, Mr. Jinapor said.

He was speaking at the Savannah Regional Women Conference on the theme “mobilizing, unifying and equipping women for victory 2020 and beyond”, hosted in Damango in the Savannah region.

He said the NPP will give the NDC a big run for its money and ensure it battles for every single vote in the Damango and other constituencies in the Savannah region.

Mr. Jinapor assured his party activists of providing them with all the needed logistics that will help the party to win more seats in the region.

“We are going to battle for every vote in the Damango constituency, we will battle for every vote in Bole, we will battle for every vote in Sawla, Yapei-Kusawgu, in Salaga North, in Salaga South, in Daboya, in every hook and cranny of this region, we are going to offer leadership and get all the logistics, the mobilization to fight for every vote in this region”.

Touching on legacies of the two main political parties in Ghana, Mr. Jinapor claimed that the NDC has no legacy to show after eight years in power.

“President Akufo Addo has brought Free Senior High School. For eight years of NDC, they should tell us what legacy they left the people of this country, zero, nothing”, Mr. Jinapor said.

The incumbent MP for Damango, Mr Adam Mutawakilu, responded to Mr. Janipor’s utterances by saying that he is not perturbed by the candidacy of the deputy chief of staff and the visibility of his posters and party flags all over Damango.

Mr. Mutawakilu said for now, he is focused on serving his people to the core and added that his posters will be out at the right time when the campaign proper begins.

He however sent a strong signal to the NPP to expect an overwhelming defeat so far as Damango constituency is concerned in the 2020 general elections.

“It will be one of the amazing elections and it might be one of the amazing results you will see, where I will widen the gap. Expect that in due course, in shaa Allah”, Mr. Mutawakilu added.

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