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Our nation a shining star on the hill if we pull off a clean election


With just a few weeks before Ghanaians choose the individual they think is best suited to lead them for the next four years, it is a feeling of great wonderment and immeasurable glee that somehow we have managed to reach this point without pushing our nation over the cliff.

Which explains why I am brimming with joy at the news that our the security agencies are determined to deal squarely with those contemplating on causing unrest on Dec. 7.

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. John Kudalor, was his usual bold and explicit self. Without mincing words, he told would-be-trouble makers — supporters of the two major political parties—-that his forces will team up with other security agencies in the country to mount an unprecedented scrutiny and watch over the elections.

And if those trouble makers dare cause a ripple in what should otherwise be a quiet day to enable Ghanaians choose their political representatives, all hell will break loose. They, the trouble makers will be arrested and thrown where they rightfully belong… prison.

Mr. Kudalor’s tough talk is the only language those bent on fomenting mayhem understand. Recent skirmishes between followers of the NPP and the NDC should cause all of us to pause. They are, with their obnoxious behavior, pushing the nation dangerously close to a conflagration.

The success of our elections does not only rests on the Electoral Commission and politicians. Our security agencies are just as vital to the interests of the nation. Need I stress the fact the onus, the singular obligation to protect our nation from external and internal enemies rests wholly on the shoulders of our security agencies.

Our security agencies are the firewall between us and disaster. It is therefore incumbent on us, the citizens of Ghana, to throw our unquestionable support behind them at all times; in times of peace and when crisis strike. Without them, our nation, our way of life and everything we have achieved, will be at the mercy of trouble-makers. In one phrase, our security forces are indispensable.

As we glide closer to December 7, the international community will be watching us closely, some wishing us well, and others wishing us failure, that our democratic experiment implodes. If somehow we manage to pull this elections off, that is, conduct the elections successfully, without violence and bloodshed, we would have achieved something utterly remarkable.

Our hard earned reputation as the most politically stable nation in a region synonymous with violence will be further enhanced. And, we will ultimately reap the benefits; our trust and faith in democracy will be strengthened, our democratic institutions revamped, and above all, our nation will forever remain the shining light on the hill.



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