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President Mahama has shown leadership on Montie 3 issue


Much was expected of President Mahama when the Montie radio 3 were shipped off to the big house at Nsawam by the Supreme Court three weeks ago….his own party which had gathered thousands of signatures on a petition …..wants him to out-rightly pardon the three party apparatchiks, while the other side dares him to do just that, with some even predicting electoral consequences for the president were he to pursue the pardon angle.

But Mr Mahama has graciously avoided taking sides; he just wont take the bait that is being dangled by the two groups, no matter how juicy. Instead, he has maintained a dignified silence on the divisive issue, while quietly exploring ways to defuse the palpable tension created as a direct consequence of the Supreme Court’s Justices’ decision to punish the Montie 3

For all his perceived shortcomings, the president, by taking a neutral position on the Montie 3 issue has abundantly indicated his willingness to set aside narrow parochial party interest for the collective good of the nation. He has, indeed, risen above the partisan din, even at the risk of alienating his core supporters.

It therefore goes without saying that the president, is deliberative and thoughtful, an astute political leader, who does not rush into decisions without careful analysis.

Let’s see the president’s action in this context; it takes a principled political leader, someone with fortitude, a reinforced backbone, to buck his party and go against what its leading members want. And the NDC at the moment craves a presidential pardon at all cost, and damn the consequences.

Yes, in the realm of politics, very few presidents, with the exception of dictators and authoritarians, go against their party’s grain, against the wishes of the party’s majority. The fallout and consequences from such a move could be a number of things; a)internal party squabbles; b)undermining of the president’s authority, and c) lead to the creation of an opening for rivals.

What is more, all of the above could in the long run affect how the president makes crucial decisions and governs his country. I doubt very much if President Mahama will pay a price for his courage and show of political strength. His supporters will rally behind him no matter what. He has earned their loyalty.

I must say emphatically that the Montie 3 issue was a political landmine that could easily have blown up in the president’s face with political implications if he had taken sides. The fact that he has referred the Montie 3 to the Council of State is one of the best moves he has made in his political career. The nation has been spared weeks and months of agony and protests.

The president, frankly, was put in this untenable position by his own party and the opposition. But his deliberate style and his intentional silence will surely avert a constitutional crisis and calm some sections of the Ghanaian society who are just waiting for a presidential pardon to bring out their knives. For all of these, Mr. Mahama richly deserves praise from all of us.



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