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President Mahama’s call for calm during election season is the right prescription


President Mr. John Mahama is fighting for his political life. With voters confidence at an all time low because of a wobbly national economy, his political fortunes ride on how much he is able to persuade Ghanaians that he deserves a second term in office. The task ahead, for all intents and purposes, is formidable.

Against this background, Mr. Mahama is sparing no effort to earn the trust of the Ghanaian electorate. To this end, he has embarked on a whirlwind national tour dubbed the “accounting to the people ” tour to lay out his case for a second chance to run the country. He has assured and reassured skeptical Ghanaians that next time around, things will be mightily different.

So far, the election campaigns by the various political parties have been quiet, almost subdued. It is as if the November elections are several light years away. Our politicians are behaving themselves; though some of them are grandstanding and engaging in sleazy name calling and the usual empty political blather, for most part, they have  been well-behaved.

Our politicians are acutely aware of the high stakes nature of this election: they know damn well that Ghanaians are not in the mood this time for any outrageous and obnoxious behavior from those vying for their votes

It therefore goes without saying that the President’s call for calm during the election season constitutes the right prescription and the proper way forward. There is nothing to be gained by engaging in political grandstanding and heated rhetoric.

Mr. Mahama has promised to be on his best behavior and wants his political opponents trying to unseat him to behave likewise, decently, maturely and classy. The Ghanaian electorate deserves that much from their politicians.

In fact, if Ghanaians had their way, they would ask those seeking to represent them to take an oath not to engage in acts detrimental to our giant political experiment.

Let me say it loud and clear: Ghanaians are in a foul mood; they desperately need solutions to their host of problems and won’t stand for politicians who throw dust into their eyes. They will pin their hopes only on those politicians who will roll up their sleeves and go to work to find the antidote to their financial and economic woes.

Our nation has earned praise from far and near for its stability. It is an accolade we hold dear. Indeed, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have successfully conducted elections without the mayhem and violence that marred elections elsewhere in our neighborhood.  Our politicians are thus forewarned. Woe betide any of you who deems it fit to upset the calm we have enjoyed all these years.

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