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Tamale mayor under fire; described by political enemies as arrogant and uncooperative


The Mayor, Mr. Musah Superior has recently come under heavy fire from his political foes for being arrogant, self-conceited and uncooperative.

Mr. Superior has been depicted by his detractors as tone deaf, slowly evolving into a dictator, and is indeed an authoritarian who just loves to do things his way and countenances no other viewpoint when it comes to city affairs.

They also add that, besides running a one man political show and relegating others to the sidelines, the mayor has become a Tin-god, a politician unwilling to compromise and determined to push through his agenda at all cost.

The mayor’s accusers are predominately members of the main opposition party, the NDC. They aren’t mincing their words. They are dead serious.  So, one would expect them to wage a political battle whether it is merited or not.

I don’t know if the mayor is all the things he is being accused of. But if there is any trace of truth to these charges, then, Mr. Superior has a lot of explaining to do. Obviously, Mr. Superior might have stepped on some toes.

He has pursued policies that have been described as overly aggressive. And he has been unrepentant in forging ahead with the implementation of these policies. Along the way, he came across as arrogant and brash.

With all that said, it is pertinent to point out that as head of city government, the mayor ought to cast aside partisan considerations and in the supreme interests of the residents of Tamale, work with members of the assembly to enact good policies that will enhance quality of life in the city.

On the other hand, if the charges against the mayor are frivolous and have no basis in fact, and are largely political machinazations by the opposition to stain his reputation and cast him in bad light, then, they too, will have a lot of explaining to do.

These kinds of political divisions serve no useful purpose except to divert attention from the immediate needs of the people of Tamale. And there is a lot the city needs; poverty is rampant, unemployment is high and water and electricity are constantly in short supply.

Given its precarious financial status despite being Tamale cannot afford to have its political leaders at each other’s throats. The mayor and the assembly members are acutely aware of the Tamale’s numerous challenges — they don’t need any reminders. It is therefore quite baffling that they will engage in petty political squabbles that ultimately benefit no one.

The crisis has polarized the city. Some residents have lined up behind the mayor, and others have thrown their weight behind the Assembly members. Support is strictly along partisan lines. This is not healthy at all and is the last thing our city needs.

Residents expect better leadership from the city’s political class. Instead, what is being offered by the mayor and his detractors are chaos and ineffectiveness. Residents want to see an end to the squabbling and the backstabbing. They just want their politicians to cater to their needs



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