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The Addo Administration Better Wake Up To The Scandals Swirling Around It. Ghanaians Are Sharpening Their Knives Already

I cannot help but scratch my big old fat bald head in utter disbelief when those presiding over massive corruption in our society turn around and accuse others of committing the same criminal offense of stealing from state coffers.

The stuff corrupt men in high government positions spew is so mind boggling it will make you wanna jump off a cliff. These shameless public officials have the tendency to look down on Ghanaians with disdain and contempt.

They have this mindset that Ghanaians are fickle minded with short attention spans, who can easily be manipulated into believing the tall tales they are spinning. The audacity of these government officials is breathtaking.

One such individual is Mr. Nana Yaw Osafo Marfo, the senior minister and one of the most powerful men in the country. Rumors have it that he is the brains behind Ghana’s stagnant economy with his ill-advised and poorly timed financial policy recommendations.

Mr. Marfo singularly responsible for the ailing economy had the nerves, the unmitigated gall to lament the corrosive effects of corruption.


It is ironic that the senior minister, who lacks the spine, the moral fortitude to tackle corruption in his capacity as a high-ranking government official will spout such nonsense ABOUT FIGHTING CORRUPTION while numerous cases of financial scandals swirl around the NPP administration.

Mr. Marfo’s inaction isn’t in the least surprising; it is worth pointing out that since its inception in 2016, the NPP administration has woefully failed to stop the incessant stealing of public funds by its appointees.

The bitter truth is that the NPP continues to pay lip service to fighting corruption, which is in sharp contrast to its campaign promise to tackle the problem at its root. A special prosecutor’s office created by Nana Akuffo Addo ostensibly to deal with corruption is turning out by all indication to be a colossal failure, a white elephant.

Instead, what Ghanaian society has witnessed over the last three years is the party’s consistent, almost unfailing betrayal of that campaign promise, in addition to its glaring inability and stubborn reluctance to punish those of its members caught red handed stealing public money.

It is therefore not out of place to assert with all the conviction one can muster that the NPP has blatantly engaged in corruption, tacitly encouraged it and looked the other way as the national coffers are raided by unscrupulous NPP appointees.

The long and short of it all is that, at its core, the NPP, writ large, is a kleptocracy. That unfortunately, is the harsh reality. And, you know what the party can elect to deal with its shortcomings in a matured, intelligent manner or foolishly sweep it under the rug. The ball is in its court.

If it really wants to root out pervasive corruption, it should begin with a serious internal house cleaning that will not spare anyone caught using their office to enrich themselves.

But no matter how much noise is made by well-meaning Ghanaians about runaway corruption, President Addo and his gang don’t seem to care at all.Because there was the President in Japan the other week touting the strength of the Ghanaian economy and claiming undue credit for turning things around.

But what he did not disclose to his Japanese hosts is the fact that there is a groundswell of palpable anger at his administration for failing to stamp out corruption and pursuing financial policies that have paralyzed the economy and driven millions of Ghanaians into poverty.

Some NPP members with a modicum of basic common sense have called on the president to reshuffle his cabinet to weed out corrupt ministers. Well, Mr. Addo better pay heed to this timely advice if he really desires to be remembered in history as one leader who fought corruption tooth and nail.

Or else as the corruption scandals continue to mount, the Ghanaian electorate is beginning to sharpen its knife, more ready than ever, to cut the NPP down to size in 2020



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