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Time Has Come To Shun South Africa. Ugly Xenophobic Violence Flares Up Again

Black South Africans are at it again, for the umpteenth time, doing what they do best; attacking, burning, looting, and killing fellow Africans accused of committing the ultimate sin of living and working in Mandela’s South Africa.

Reports of xenophobic attacks in large metropolitan cities of the once bastion of apartheid did not surprise me. They were long expected. If you ask me, the attacks have been in the pipeline for decades. Tuesday’s savage attacks did not just begin that day. In fact, they have their genesis –ugly beginnings in 2008 when dozens of migrant Africans were reportedly killed.

And now an uncomfortable truth: You see, Black South Africans have a particular hatred for other Africans and this pure unadulterated disdain is manifested in their contempt for their foreign black brothers and sisters and their feeling of superiority towards them,

Yes, indeed, there have been times when Black South Africans have derisively referred to other Africans as “You Africans.”

The fact is this. South Africans inherently think they are better than us, primarily because the South African economy, despite its many struggles, is regarded as one of the best in Africa. And, ours are nothing to write home to mom about.

It is simple psychology: when someone thinks and feels they are better than you in terms of everything, dehumanizing you in all forms, be it hacking you to death, stealing your properties and burning down your house and talking condescendingly to you, do not faze them one bit.

They will do it at the drop of a hat and with such absolute ease it will knock your socks off. And, to add insult to injury, they will enjoy every moment of the attack with no pre thought or post action expression of remorse. This is exactly the scenario we are witnessing in South Africa.

Black South Africans have been attacking their fellow Africans for ages and, to make matters absolutely worse, the ruling ANC government has been ineffective in containing the violence. It has only managed a few words of regret and sympathy.

Call it disgraceful and embarrassing and you would not be far off the mark. With each passing year, the violence has gotten worse, and this year is no exception.

Ultimately, revenge or reprisal attacks on South African businesses are not the answer to the xenophobic, inward looking South Africans.

The answer lies in a uniform, continent wide boycott of South Africa, economically, culturally and politically.

Indeed, we should tell the South Africans in no uncertain terms that the rest of the continent will not continue to tolerate these sadistic eruptions of unbridled violence.

And, sadly, the attacks coming as they are, from a nation we gave a helping hand to when it was under white oppression, make it excruciatingly painful.

The attackers have repeatedly engaged in this crass and ugly behavior because the powers that be — the South African Government and the African Union — have failed miserably to rise up to the occasion, to crack the whip.

Until the two entities, the AU and the ANC develop durable spines and do what has long been expected of them, we must just as well kiss African unity goodbye.


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