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When would the NDC ever grow Up? The Infighting is slowly killing the party.


Against the backdrop of the latest flare up —- Valerie Sawyer stinging criticism of Martin Amidu and Jerry John Rawlings —- in the National Democratic Congress, the one lingering question on the minds of thousands of its sympathizers is this: will the party ever be able to overcome its internal divisions and plan ahead for the crucial elections in 2020?

It is becoming crystal clear that the NDC hasn’t fully recovered from its disastrous performance in last year’s elections. It is equally true that the defeat continues to haunt the party, and that does not augur well for its future. Without doubt, the party is suffering from post election blues.

Otherwise, how do you explain the daily back and forth between those in the party who we all assume should know better than to engage in petty squabbles which ultimately diminish than elevate the party?

There is no denying the fact that the seemingly endless internal disagreements are becoming protracted and a distraction. Steadily, they are defining the party and are surely taking a toll on its rank and file.

As an outside observer, my fervent hope is that the blame game, which ironically took on a sharp edge after the 2016 electoral debacle — and continues to bedevil the party, will be brought to a screeching halt, once and for all.

Just as well, the destructive behavior of some leading members of the party — immediately brings to mind the continuous mutterings of the irascible Martin Amidu —- ought to be of paramount concern to all who have the party at heart.

If the NDC wants to be in political purgatory for the longest, then it should sit idly by and watch these errant members push the party over the cliff.

Meanwhile, the NDC’s political enemies are having a field day, deriding and poking fun at the party and telling Ghanaians that the NDC is a party awash in problems and should not be trusted with the governance of the country.

And you wonder why the Speaker of Parliament stubbornly thinks the NDC is a fringe party and should be treated as such.

Perhaps, it has not occurred to the warring factions in the NDC that they are doing a great disservice to the country with their infighting. Ultimately, what all these squabbles, blame game and finger pointing do, is to depict the party as grossly incapable of taking care of its own affairs, and therefore incapable of running the show when entrusted with power once again.

A strong opposition party serves a useful purpose; it gives the ruling party a run for its money and acts as a watchdog by keeping those in authority on their toes —- responsive and accountable.

In simple terms, Ghanaians want the NDC to start acting as adults.



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