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Where Is The Ghanaian Media? Lawmakers Deserve Praise For Finally Legislating Against Political Vigilantism

The BBC reported on Tuesday morning that Ghanaian lawmakers have finally voted to ban political vigilantism. Swell!!
Scanning the various Ghanaian media platforms as I usually do on lazy mornings, I did not stumble across any news item bearing that piece of glorious information relating to the long over due action by our high-brow MPs on political vigilantism.
My inclination therefore was to pose this simple question; Is the media downplaying the importance of this piece of legislation?
The irony is that the media in Ghana, (yours truly included via Zaa Radio in Tamale) mercilessly scolded our representatives for foisting rowdy bands of young men on Ghanaians and watching unperturbed as the brawny thugs terrorized and inflicted psychological torture on Ghanaian society
Something sinister was afoot; the symbiotic relations between the politicos and these motley gangs of enforcers was the reason why, many pointed out, our lawmakers consistently and unfailingly refused to raise a finger against their “boys.”
Vigilantism, the political portion of it, had to be exorcised at all cost and by any measure. It had become an existential threat to our democracy and to Ghanaian society more broadly, the media yelled.
But now that our legislators have cast aside their outsized egos and banned their “boys” from engaging in egregious acts of intimidation and violence, there is nary a comment by the same gaggle of reporters who raked them over the coal about political vigilantism.
Our policy makers deserve a pat on the back; the action they have collectively taken to shield us from savage unprovoked attacks by vigilante groups should be the screaming headlines on Ghanaian newspapers, tabloids, news portals, web pages and the lead story on every TV and Radio news broadcast,

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