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Institute of Local Government studies/NALAG calls for more women participation in governance

The Institute of Local Government Studies in collaboration with NALAG has called for more women participation in election and governance system. Women’s equal participation and representation in local decision-making processes is critical for prioritizing women’s practical needs and issues in local governments’ agendas and for localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to the 2010 population and Housing census conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), Ghanaian women constitute about 51.2 percent of the national population, yet these figures do not in any way reflect the power distribution between men and women especially in the political governance.

Enhancing women participation in the political process is necessary and fundamental to the sustainability of the democratic culture.

Speaking to journalists at a capacity building workshop for female CSOs, business women and aspirants from northern and savannah regions for the 2020 districts level elections, Dean of Studies and Research at the Institute of local government Studies Fredrick Agyarko Oduro explained that achieving equitable and equality in female representation is still an uphill task and has arisen the curiosity of scholars to investigate and understand the reasons why despite the provision of constitutional support to every citizen to freely engage in politics women are still under represented at the national and local level.

He said the participation of women at the assembly level is tremendously low to the extent that some assemblies do not have a single women representative. The situation he stressed is shameful and asked that women commit themselves to occupying political positions in the country. Mr Fredrick also called on traditional rulers, religious leaders and husbands to support women who are willing to participate in country’s political and democratic system.

By: Lilian D. Walter

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