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Citizens-Star Ghana TV Show Starts December 19

Citizens and civil society organizations will by December 19 have an opportunity to play the role of the media on the television.

The Star Ghana TV show is part of efforts increasing citizen’s participation in local governance process in Ghana.

The television show which is expected on 19 December will focus on policy advocacy and accountability by journalist and Star Ghana.

The show will be aired on GTV main and GTV Governance for now due limited resources. Each episode of the show will engage a cross section of Ghanaians to part the in studio discussions.

The CSOs are expected to moderate the show alongside some media persons.
The First will be hosted by Dr Emmanuel Akwetey of IDEG, second by Henry Abrampa Mensah of CDD whilst the 2018 journalist of the year Bernard Kwaku  Alve later take his turn.

Programs Manager of GJA-Star Ghana, Kojo Impraim told journalist from Northern, Upper Eats and Upper Wet regions that the show will be politicians bias because it is purely targeting at engaging the citizens.
He was presenting a topic; practice, hits, misses, prospects, key lessons, partnership, case study and civic journalism at a day’s Media and CSOs policy engagement meeting in Tamale.

The show Mr Impraim explain will in one way or other bring out critical issues that the government of the day will have to pay attention to. CSOs are expected to submit story telling videos to the production team ahead of time.
The star Ghana CSOs Media engagement was occasioned by a number issue emanating from the creation of an additional new regions where citizens and the media are kept in dark.
There are suspicions that the local governance reforms the government has suggested are jut another tactics to outsmart the citizens and if care is not taken it will transcend to 2019, he stated.
Up to date, the ministry of regional reorganization and development are yet to provide the development road map.
Mr Impraim said even the sector ministry do not have a blue print for the new regions.
This, he said is worrying to the CSOs because the imprison is being created that the new regions are to facilitate development. Mr Impraim told Zaa News that after the court ruling on the matter, CSOs has no option but to engage the citizens to be fully involved in the process.

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