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CPP will focus on their traditional seats-National chairperson

The Acting National Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Hajia Hamdatu Ibrahim has said the party will not dissipate its little resources like they did in 2016 general elections to contest all the Constituencies.
According to Hajia Hamdatu, CPP paid 10,000 for its candidates to contest the 2016 elections but will strategically position itself and spend wisely to recapture seats such as Kumbugu and Jomoro seats it lose.
The acting CPP national chairperson said  the party learned its lessons after 2016 elections and will focus on constituencies where they sure of winning.
She  advised aspirants and it’s Parliamentary candidates not to spend so much on posters and  banners but rather used their resources and go to the ground.
She also encouraged them to invest in their regional and Constituency offices.

Hajia Hamdatu urged members of CPP to remain focus and rally behind the regional executives to champion the vigorous and ambitious mission winning some seats.
‘The task ahead is more then what we are seeing, we must organized, remain focus on our agend’ Hajia Hamdatu advised.

She believes with strategic planning, the party can have representation in the next parliament of Ghana.
She described the current leadership of CPP as young after its national chairman, professor Edmond Dele was enskinned as chief in the upper west region.
Ghanaians she said will have a second look at CPP policies and programs because, Dr Kwame Nkrumah ideas and vision for not just Ghana but for African continent still relevant.
Dr Nkrum she recollect ones said that everything is about organization and what has happened so far indicates that CPP is on the right path.

Speaking to Zaa News at the Tamale regional  where one hundred seventy one (171) delegates converge to elect regional executives, Hajia Hamdatu urged  those who will emerge as winners to see the 2020 election as a major task ahead of them and mobilizing supporters should be key in their agenda.
The northern region delegate’s conference Hajia Hamdatu said brings to 11, the number of regions CPP has held its nationwide delegates conference.
CPP she added recorded the heights vote in 2016  for presidential and Parliamentary which culminated into the party wining the Kumbungu seat.
She expressed regret that the seat slipped from the CPP and the party has gone back to the drawing board to recapture the seat come 2020 elections.
‘We are looking how to take that seat back because I think the good people of Kumbungu  are really interested in CPP, may be something went wrong, we are going back to the drawing table’, Hajia Hamdatu stated.

Miscalculation in 2016

The acting national chairperson recalled that the party spread its tentacles too wide which resulted in small votes.
The party she explained filled candidates in all the constituencies a d paid for each candidate filing fees of 10,000.
This, she explained will not happen in 2020. The new strategy  is that the target should be on CPP tradionally for the party.
Why don’t we target 50 or 100  seats  and focus on seats everybody Ghanaain knows that  MPs occupying them are caretakers, she quizzed. The  landlords and landladies she added are back’, so they  have to take them back.
The party she said will not disclose the seats they are targeting because in 2016 the party did that and both  PP and NDC went underground and dismantled their plan.

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