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Sagnarigu: Your Abudu-Andani politics are reckless and irresponsible – Hardi Pagaza told.


The Sagnarigu Concerned NDC Grassroots has condemned the immediate past Deputy Northern Regional Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress, Iddrisu Hardi Pagaza, in no uncertain terms over his statement in which he resorted to chieftaincy politics (Abudu-Andani), which the youth describe as “reckless and irresponsible” ever before.

He was captured in a viral video where he was addressing supporters of Hon. A. B. A. Fuseini, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu Constituency, at his residence and inciting Andani Yili against Abudu Yili. His unfortunate statement came after the Hon. MP for the area filed his nomination forms to contest again in the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the party on March 22, 2023.

The statement claims that Hardi Pagazaa, who should have known better, tagged some candidates in the upcoming Sagnarigu constituency parliamentary primaries as members of Abudus, The statement further describes his chieftaincy politics (Abudu and Andani) in their peaceful constituency, Sagnarigu, as deemed to be “troubling and condemnable.” They stated that the gentleman is noted for this kind of politics, which is why nobody in the Northern Region takes him seriously anymore.

The Concerned NDC Grassroots Youth called on the NDC leadership in the Sagnarigu Constituency, Regional, and National offices to call Hardi Pagaza to order “since he does not belong to the constituency, for we believe his actions will deepen the seemingly visible crack within the NDC in the Sagnarigu Constituency, which we cannot allow to happen.” The statement is appeals.

The youth again lamented over his attitude and interference in the last constituency executive elections, which they believed resulted in many candidates losing their elections because they were affected by their association with Hardi Pagaza and the MP as well.

“We want to remind him that the NDC we all belong to is colorblind and goes beyond tribal boundaries. “In fact, is an assemblage of different people from all walks of life where discrimination has no place.” The statement added

The group dissociated itself from any candidate in the contest but was quick to add that the group was for the betterment of the NDC in the Sagnarigu Constituency.
“We also want to call on all aspirants to do away with people with divisive tendencies, for their attitude does not speak well of our beloved constituency.”
“The victory of NDC is coming again!” The statement concludes

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