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Chief inspects One-Village-One dam project

Naa Alhassan Andani, the Chief of Pishigu has encouraged contractors working on the government’s One-village-One Dam project in his town to continue the good work. The dam is expected to provide safe drinking all year round.

Pishigu is among several communities with water problems during the dry season when wells dry up.

The construction which is steadily progressing is expected to be complete by March ending, according to the site engineer Mr. Clement Gorka.

When complete, the dam will have the capacity to hold about 800 cubic meters of water. This means the volume of water will be more then enough for the residents’ domestic use and agricultural purposes.

The Pishigu Lana who visited the site to assess how far work had gone on the project interacted with workers and told the media that his people have taken keen interest in the dam because is a very serious government investment.

His visit offered him the opportunity to confer with the resident engineer and also find out if the contractor was encountering challenges at the site.

The chief who has been instrumental in ensuring that the project is carried out successfully told the engineer not to hesitate to inform him of any problem that will obstruct or cause the delay of the work.

He advised his people to show keen interest in the project because it is the government who is trying to honor the social contract it signed with them.

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