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British Volunteer enskinned chief at Yoggu



A British citizen and a member of the United Kingdom (UK) Volunteers in Ghana, Miss Deme, has been enskinned as the Zi-zung –Naa, sub-chief of Tolon Duli in the Tolon district of the northern region.

The ceremony which was held in the Yoggu community was to honor the volunteer for her selfless dedication and efforts towards improving the livelihood of the community members.

The ceremony was organised by the Non-formal Education Division (NFED) of the Ghana Education Service in the northern region in collaboration with International Services (ICS) UK volunteers in Ghana.

The NFED seeks to empower women, acknowledging the importance of education, learning and training which take place outside recognized educational institutions.

Miss Deme for the past six months has helped community members particularly women to manage their little resources and businesses as well as develop good marketing strategies.

She also took community members through how to register their small businesses as co-operative  entities to enable them source for more funding to expand them.

With the knowledge acquired from volunteers on good savings techniques, community members are now into rice processing and sheanut processing which have improved their living conditions.

In the Tolon district, the UK volunteers are in six communities namely; Yoggu, Kangbogu, Dimali-Yapala, Tolon, Wayamba and Dundo.

The Chief of Tolon Duli, Duli-Naa Imoro Napari called on the government to come to the aid of the community. According to him, the community which has a sizable number of people do not have portable drinking water as well as access roads.

Mr. Tia Iddrisu Dakurugu who spoke on behalf of the chief told Zaa News that residents in the community during the dry season travel several miles in search of water, a situation he described as a worrying and therefore deserves urgent intervention.

He therefore called on benevolent organizations and non-governmental organizations to come to their aid. The Zi-Sung-Naa assured the community of her and colleagues support to improve their living conditions.


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