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Acute water shortage hits Gushegu after Tamale


An acute water shortage  has hit the Gushegu Township and its environs forcing the residents to commute about 4 miles to fetch water from the Bulugu dam.

For the past two months the residents have had to wake up at 3 am for water which they say flows for only 30 minutes and had been rationed compiling most people to rely on two dams in the area.

The dams which served as their source of water have all run dry creating an acute water shortage in the town. On Sunday March 9, 2014, residents rushed to the only the dam they called ‘Silimiiga mugli’ and started fetching the mud after group fishing has taken place.

Access to potable water remains a big challenge for the people in the Gushegu district; following the breakdown of the main mechanized borehole serving about 125,000 residents.

 Residents say they are frustrated about the situation after traveling several hours in search of water. A barrel of water now sells at five Ghana cedis and is only economical sound families who can afford it.  

Residents told Zaa News that the Water problem in Gushegu always become worse during dry season and the earlier assembly fine solutions to this perennial problem the better.

Residents have also expressed fears that if the situation continues, it could grant both economic activities and education in the area to a halt. But reacting to the situation, an officer in charge at the main pumping station Abdulai Mohamed said their machines have become obsolete forcing them to produce water below capacity.

He said expansion work is ongoing they but he do not know when the project will be completed. He said for almost two months now, they have not had full tank because the machine cannot pump to the level that will served the Gushegu township.

’’We can’t pump up to the brim of the tank, the machine is not all that effective; half-quarter – half -quarter’’ Mr Mohammed explained.  

’’So since they are crying, we normally rationed it so that when half or quarter part of the town  get water we turn to other part’’ he added. According to him the ongoing water expansion work in the district is outskirts of Gushegu Township and communities around Gushegu because the water table in the township is just on top.



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