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You can’t achieve Ghana Beyond Aid vision without scientists- CSRI-SARI Chief Scientists tells President Akuffo Addo

Scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research of the Savannah Agriculture Research Institute (CSRI-SARI) have stated emphatically that the president of the Republic of Ghana cannot achieved his Ghana beyond aid vision without scientists.
The scientists have dare the president to challenge them that without focus on science, technology and innovation his vision can be achieve.
The scientists have lamented about that the continue government’s neglect of scientists and science was the reason for the country still struggling to become developed country.
The scientists say the current government vision of Ghana beyond aid will among to nothing if scientists are being left out in budgeting and planning process. According to them, no nation in the world can develop without science and the earlier politicians come to realization the better for Ghana.
The days for lets leave everything to God, the scientists said, are over because according God Himself is a scientists.
Chief Scientists at CSRI-SARI, Professor Roger A.L Kanton made the bold statement on 4th May, 20219 after students from Nyankpala,  Science Students of the Tamale Senior High School and Tolon senior high schools joined the scientists on a March dubbed; March For Science.

Students, scientists and the farmers hold some plaques cards some of which read;  let’s end hunger and malnutrition through technology, planting for food and jobs won’t succeed without improve technology,

The March organized by Alliance for Science Ghana was to raised public awareness about the importance of science in every day life and how governments should pay attention to the study of science.
The CSRI-SARI Chief scientists said if Ghana prioritized Science, Ghana economy will continue depend on import.
Countries in the sub region Professor Kanton said are expected to allocate 1% of their GDP to Science but Ghana’s commitment is not even up to 0.01%.

Countries such Malawi and Rwanda the scientists said has been able to allocate 1% of its GDP to science.
He cited challenges the government planting for food and jobs encountered in the first year of its implementation and attributed the government inability to get climatic smart seed for farmers as the reason.
The government upon realizing its mistake sought the scientists views on the best seeds for the farmers in the subsequent year.
The President cannot talk about Ghana beyond aid without putting science and technology and innovation at the forefront.
His words will just be gimmick and mere talk. We the scientists don’t talk for fund, we talk about what work, anything without practicals we don’t talk about it, Professor Kanton stated.

Affordability of studying science

The scientists called on government to make the study of science and agriculture related courses at all levels including tertiary free. The scientists say those studying humanities and other courses can pay at the tertiary level.

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