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’’Alien’’ found in the ongoing voter exhibition exercise in Tamale


A middle age man believed to be a ''Zambarima'' by extraction is facing a stiff opposition by some residents in the ADB electoral area in the Tamale Central Constituency of the Northern Region over the eligibility of his nationality.   
Ayoba Hassan who registered at the centre during the registration exercise was being challenged as not being qualified as a Ghanaian by a resident in the area.  Mr. Mohammed Amin who claimed Ayoba Hassan registered under the connivance with the registration officers at the center, vowed to prevent him from participating in the upcoming general elections by legal means.
He said he personally challenged Ayoba Hassan during the registration exercise and wonder how he  managed to be a registered voter.
By the existing constitution of Ghana, a person is only eligible to participate in Ghana’s national elections if he or she stays in the country for at least 25 years, but Mr. Amin claims Ayoba only stayed in the vicinity for less than the constitutionally stipulated period.
While some were being challenged for eligibility or otherwise, others have their names wrongly spelled in some polling stations and some have their ages increased.
Some residents who spoke to Zaa News want the electoral commission to intensify its education about the exercise. According to them, many registered voters may lose  the opportunity to exercise their franchise in the December 7 polls if the situation continued.
Mr. Amin said he is prepared to challenge Ayoba even in the court of law to prevent what he describes as a chaotic situation on the Election Day.
He claimed Ayoba is an ''alien'' who is either  from Niger or Mali and a Zambarima by extraction. The exhibition officer at the center who only gave her name as Charity  told Zaa News that, the exercise has been smooth without any incident.
Turnout, according to Madam Charity is good, except last Saturday where she recorded low turnout. The exhibition exercise which started 1st September 2012, is expeted to end on Monday 10th of September 2012.


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