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Anbariya alumini launch 15th anniversary


An alumini association of the Anbariya has launched its 15th anniversary celebration with the call on all old students both in Ghana and diaspora to show keen interest in activities marking the event. The main event is expected to take place in April this year.

The alumini association was formed in 1996 and was blessed by the founder of Anbariya, Sheik Yussif Soalih  Ajura (Afa Ajura) in March 2000.

The late Afa Ajura after giving his blessing on the alumini urged all Anbariya old students to let the fear of Allah be their guiding principle in their quest to spreading Islam in the northern region.

 Speaking to Zaa News after the launch of the anniversary, the chairman of Anbariya old students association, Alhaji Abdul Wahab urged all members especially, those in Tamale to come out in their numbers and support the cause of Allah.

Anbariya is one of the oldest and largest Islamic institutions not only in the northern region but the country as a whole.

The Anbariya Islamic school since its establishment in 1990s as a multi-campus institution has contributed in diverse way in improving the moral standards of the people and also uplifted the image of Islam in the region.

The Anbariya in spite of the obstacles under the leadership of the late Afa Ajura in the 90s stood on its grounds and educated hundreds of people on the true meaning of Islam, the practice of the Prophet Mohammed (PBH) and the Holy Quran.

From the beginning as Sunni Madrasa, it can now boast of junior and senior high schools competing with other secular instutitions in the academic arena.

Anbariya started with about 42 students who were studying the Arabic language, the Holy Quran and the Hadiths. The institute recently incorporated secular education into its curruculum. The institute’s current student population stands over two thousand eight hundred with more than 40 Arabic teachers.

Sheikh Saeed Abubakr Zakaria  (Afa Seidu) is an Islamic scholar and leader of the Anbariya Islamic Institute in Tamale in Ghana.

He was called back from an Imamship post in Canada in May 2007 to succeed Afa Ajura who died on December 22, 2004, as director of the Anbariya Islamic Institute in Tamale and spiritual leader of Anbariya Sunni Community in Ghana.  

Afa Seidu won a scholarship to study at the Islamic University of Madinah in the 1970s.

He returned to the Institute to teach after he graduated in 1985 with an M.A. in Islamic theology as well as an M. Phil in Philosoph


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