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Bamboi chiefs appeals for separate district from Bole


The chiefs of Bamboi in the Mo traditional area in the northern region has made a requeste to government to separate them from Bole district. The chiefs said the large nature of the Bole-Bamboi district is making it difficult for some areas in Mo to get their share of the national cake. 

The acting president of North Mo traditional council and the chief of Jama Koro, Nana Kojo Pambor II made the appealed when the local government minister Julius Debra to pay a working visit to the Gonjaland as part of his sanitation campaign of tour of the northern region. 

The Chief said the desire of his people for more developmental projects and requested a district for Mo area with the district capital in Bamboi. Bole district embraces Bamboi and it's environs which are more than ninety miles from Bole. This, the chief said makes his people not well represented at both district and national levels.

The Mo chiefs said they have waited for responds of the application they submitted to government during the creation of new district and are still waiting patiently to hear from government. 

The chief  want government consider the Bamboi area if new districts are to created. 
Potable drinking water the chief said is one of the major problem confronting the people because the black Volta which is a source of water has been polluted.

But the local government minister assure them of government commitment to improving the living conditions of the people. He is in the northern region to encourage the people on the need to participate actively and elect people of substance into the various district assemblies in the upcoming district level elections. 

He told the people that, the development of the communities will depend on the type of leaders they elect into the assemblies. 
The minister also urged the chiefs and people  of the Gonjaland to let clearness be part and parcel of them to prevent diseases such cholera.  Government, Mr Debra said was committed in eradicating cholera in the country and will ensure that communities have access to potable drinking water and toilet facilities. 


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