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Beware of monster in the North-DCOP Yeboah warns


Northern regional Police Command has appealed to chiefs, opinion leaders and politicians to allow the law enforcement agencies to deal with people perpetrating criminal acts in the region.

The police command also is appealing to religious leaders to include in their sermons the need for people, especially, the youth to respect laws governing the country.

Northern Regional Police Commander DCOP Ken Yeboah who made the appeal when the Anbariya Sunni Community presented hundred bags of cement to the police said their contribution towards protecting their land.

The police he said, expect influential people in the society to distance themselves from criminal acts in order to allow the law to take its full cause. DCOP Yeboah said cases such as rape, murder and defilement need to go through due legal processes so that perpetrators can be punished. 

He said families’ attempt to settle criminal cases at home usually degenerates into more serious problems. He said the chiefs should be respected as customs demand and that they should also help the police to ensure total security in the region.

DCOP Ken Yeboah reminded both the chiefs and the politicians to bear in mind the consequences of over protection of people who commit crime and run to them for cover.

The over protection, the police commander noted, is breeding indiscipline and monster in the region and if it continues, they will one day turn against the same people protecting them.

DCOP Ken Yeboah also want “It’s our man, our boy” syndrome among politicians to end because as he put it, ’’Everybody is someone’s boy’’.

He cited enforcement of traffic regulations as one of the major challenges confronting the police and appealed to religious leaders and the chiefs to use their influential positions to help the police ensure sanity in society.




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