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Burial of Ebola dead persons is a sensitive cultural issue in Africa-UNESCO country director


The Country Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Tirso Dos Santos has expressed concerns over the porous nature of boarder post and unapproved routes entering points into Ghana in the wake of the deadly Ebola outbreak.

Mr Dos Santos told journalists at Ebola national media training organized by Media Foundation for West Africa in Accra Ghana that the unapproved boarder post exposes Ghana to a high risk and must be look at by authorities seriously.

UNESCO says providing accurate information to the people in unaffected countries is crucial in order they do not finds themselves in situations such the three worst affected countries.

 Providing appropriate information according to UNESCO director was important in preventing the spread of virus. The burial of people who died out of Ebola Mr Dos Santos said was a very sensitive cultural issue in Africa and called on the people to change their attitudes towards some of the cultural practices in this trying moment.

The UNESCO country director said the Ebola outbreak goes beyond health issue and can lead a conflict which UNESCO will not want to happen because its mandate is among other things to ensure peace.

The Country Director of IBIS Ghana, Hamza Tijani who recently returned from Sierra Leon after staying there for almost six years, one the worst affected country said Ebola has brought Sierra Leon to its knees and Ghana needs to take serious precautionary measures to avert such situation. ’’My information on the effects Ebola is not just pleasant for hearing because Sierra Leon was just about taken off when I refer back to Ghana they are back to square one‘’ Mr Hamza added.  

Narrating his experience to journalist, the IBIS country director said investment in Sierra Leon and everything have to be channel to fighting Ebola and that it is not easy for Sierra Leone government and the people.

He said with the help of   organizations such as Star-Ghana, WHO, UNESCO and Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) journalist will be able to report and provided accurate information on Ebola in the various districts.

 Mr Hamza challenged media organizations to add a minute their programming without any founding by any organization for the public to know much about the dangers associated with Ebola.



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