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CID officer mobile phone pick-pocketed at a crime scene


There was a chaotic scene on Monday  morning at the main central business district of Tamale following the arrest of a suspect accused of defrauding some residents under the pretext of  taken care of his newly born twins.  
He was reported to the Police after being spotted around the central business area of Tamale.  He was suqsequently arrested following a hot chase along the Beggars lane.  
Over the few months, some residents have been expressing their frustrations, anger and  embarrassment by some “energetic young men’’ who have turn to begging in almost every  part of the metropolis instead of channeling their energies into productive ventures.   
These supposed beggars would either tell you they are on transit and needed help to continue their journey or are not well and needed some money to treat themselves.
The confusion which attracted many people to catch the glimpse of the suspect led to the pick-pocketing of the CID officer’s mobile phone who was carrying out his lawful duty.
ZAA reporter who was at the scene also received some verbal assaults by some residents protesting against the arrest of the suspect.
The suspect has been remanded in police custody pending investigation.

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