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Court remanded 2 motor bike suspects into police custody


The Tamale District Court one (1) presided over by Mr Anthony Asaah on Monday18, 2015, remanded two motor bike suspects into police custody for the second time.

The two suspects, Ibrahim Sumaila and Clement Joe on Tuesday April 28, 2015 came into the yard of Zaa Radio at about 11:00 a.m. during the General Meeting and attempted to unlock one of the staffs’ luojia ‘mapoka’ motor bikes.

While a general meeting was going on, one of the suspects sat on one of the bikes parked in the station’s yard and pulled out a ‘master key’ and inserted into the bike trying to unlock it.

However, luck was not on his side because the company’s security guard Dawuda Musah who positioned himself strategically upstairs after becoming suspicious about the two behaviors monitored the suspects closely.

Zaa FM security said while the meeting was going on, he saw the two guys inside looking strange. He became suspicious and took guard to monitor their movement closely.

He said, one of the suspects pulled out a key and inserted it into a staff’s Luojia motor bike which prompted him to come downstairs and locked the main gate to prevent the suspects from escaping and then raised alarm.

After interrogation it emerged that the suspects had no business at the premises of the station.

The suspects also rode unregistered scooter motor bike which is against the law into the yard. One of the suspects who were riding left his colleague with a master key to take any of the ‘Mapoka’ bikes parked in the compound. Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to 4th June, 2015 after the suspects pleaded not guilty.




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