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CPP will not be part politics of insults-Dr Sakara


The presidential candidate of the Conventions Peoples Party, Dr Abu Sakara Foster has stated that the CPP will not be a party to any politics of insults before, during and after the 2012 elections in its quest to win this year’s elections.  Dr Sakara said CPP is a peaceful party and urged other political parties to put the interest of Ghana first.
He urged the electorate to conduct themselves peaceful during the Election Day in a manner that will not spark violence;’’ we are not part of that business, we are peaceful and national party’’.
Dr Sakara who was speaking exclusively on Zaa Saturday's  News analyses programme, as part of his campaign tour of the northern region, said Ghanaians lack patience and truth and that is hampering the progress of the country.
On the contribution of the Ghana’s first president Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Dr Sakara said the Dr Nkrumah has dedicated himself to the service and his achievement is worth celebrating in the African continent. 
The CPP according to its presidential candidate has identified three diseases that had prevented the Ghana from being well, healthy and strong which has led to systems, services and institutions collapsing.
Dr Sakara identifies marginalizing and disposed, the gap between the rich and the poor, the winding gap between the south and the north as symptoms of the Ghana’s diseases. “In any medical condition, if you don’t have proper diagnosis you cannot have proper treatment’’ Dr Sakara lamented.  
He also expressed serious concern about the get rich quick syndrome saying everybody want things done quickly to circumvent the systems to get what they want instead of step-by-step.
He urged the electorate to vote out the NDC and bring people that will pursue a national vision and the common vision that is good for the country.
The only way to cure Ghana’s disease according to Dr Sakara was to use their thumbs and vote a time tested political party like CPP which has a track record. ’’At the end of this election, we only of two paths to take, one that goes towards prosperity for all of us or the path that goes prosperity for a few at the expenses of the many; ’’we in the CPP as per our time tested tradition are offering electorates the prosperity for all; he challenged electorates to look at history and determine which president has served this country and have left the seat with nothing.
He said Dr kwame Nkrumah left the seat without a house and that it was the late president Achampong who gave him a house.]]>


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