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CSRI BOSS calls for support of private sector operators in the seed industry


The Director General of Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSRI), Dr Abdulai Salifu has called on stakeholders in the agricultural sector to assist private sector operators in the seed industry to reduce the cost of seeds to enable farmers’ access it.  
He said, CSRI was committed to providing improved variety and high bride seeds for farmers to ensure food security in the country.
Dr Salifu said the major challenge in the sector is the availability of the seeds to famers which CSRI and the seed division of Ministry of Food and Agriculture are prioritising.
Dr Salifu made the call in an exclusive interview with Zaa News at the induction ceremony of Dr Abdulai Salifu Asuro as a new rector of the Tamale Polytechnic in Tamale.
The CSRI Director General  also identified marketing strategy as one of the major challenges facing the seed sector  to make it possible for farmers to access seeds and expressed hope that, with the entrepreneurial training  in the seed  sector  by MOFA, it would ease farmers difficulties in accessing the seeds.
On post harvest loses, Dr Salifu said CSRI has developed preventive measures through the use of technology and  urged farmers to change their mode of harvesting  which sometimes lead to difficulties in processing farm produce like rice.
Farmers must adhere to agronomist advise to prevent the loses of their farm produce. He criticized farmers inability to create what he called traditional specialized rooms for the storage of  seeds to ensure that conditions in the rooms are conducive for grains.
Dr further called on farmers to cultivate the habit of early harvest of their crops to prevent over drying of their farm produce.
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