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Develop engineering programs for basic school level-GhIE president to members


The President elect of the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE), Engineer Kwaku Boampong, has challenged engineers to develop programs that will generate interest in engineering at the basic school level especially, at the Junior and Senior high schools in the country.

Engineer Boampong also urged engineers to be more active in the policy and decision making process as well as ensure that the next generation of professionals are trained and mentored to keep pace of the growth and complexity of Ghana’s infrastructural development, focusing on not only on sustainability but also on its resiliency. 

The sixty-three year old Engineer Kwaku Boampong stated this at the 46th Presidential Inauguration and Gala Banquet in Tamale where he was sworn-in by the Tamale high court judge as the new president of the Ghana Institution of Engineers.

Engineer Boampong is a corporate member of the Ghana Institution of Engineers and a chartered corporate member of institutions of civil engineers, UK from 1988 to 2010.

Engineer Boampong appealed to engineers to encourage young professionals to pursue excellence in the practice of their profession in order to discourage unethical behaviors.

To enhance quality of life of Ghanaians, Engineer Boampong reminded engineers that the world is changing at a very fast rate and its unsettling changes will affect engineers work.

Society according to Engineer Boampong is faced with continued threats from natural events and accidents coupled with increasing global population.  

To enhance the quality life of Ghanaians, Engineer Boampong urged Ghana Institution of Engineers to move towards its vision.

The Ghana Institution of Engineers was not also happy about the disconnection of engineering students between the classroom and the practice of the profession in real life. 



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