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Energy Commission awards wiring certificates to practitioners in the N/R


Ghana’s Energy Commission has issued over 37 certificates, ID cards and installation completion forms to individual electrical wiring practitioners in the northern region.

Fourteen individuals received industrial and commercial wiring certificates while nine awarded domestic electrical wiring certificates from the commission. Fourteen persons were also awarded provisional licenses.

The provisional license according to the commission is to ensure a smooth transition from old license regime to current one.

The certificates, installation completion forms according to the energy commission are to ensure identification and monitoring of practitioners.

 Any holder of Electricity Company of Ghana license qualifies to be awarded a provisional certificate without taking examination which can only be used between now and 24th February 2015 where they will be expected to take the appropriate examination.

 Addressing electrical wiring practitioners in Tamale, a representative of the Executive Secretary of the commission, Solomon Sarpong said the issuance of the certificates marked a significant step aimed at ensuring safe usage of electricity in Ghana.

 According to Mr  Sarpong it is always better for the lights to be off than to be unsafe electricity. In 2006, the energy commission as part of its mandate in relation to safety of electricity initiated the process of developing standards for practitioners in the industry.

Mr Sarpong warns that the certificates warded are not contractor’s license or for companies but rather certificates individuals carrying out the electrical wiring.

Speaking to Zaa News, an electrical contractor Naa Abdulai Razak appealed to the commission to provide training to professionals in the wiring industry to help curb fire incidents largely attributed to electrical faults. On the numerous fire incidents that have engulfed the country, Naa Abdulai attributed it to sub-standard materials and unqualified electricians and called for more training for practitioners to sanitize the industry.


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