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Flash Mob hit Tamale


The Tamale Central town on Sunday 19 May, 2013 suddenly faced dancers who emerged from among shoppers and erupted into a traditional dance routine. This kind of surprise is common around the world and referred to as flash mobs.  

Explaining to Zaa News about the flash mob, one of the dancers, a communications officer of UNICEF Ghana, Madeleine Logan, said a flash mob is a surprise routine in public spaces by a group of people.

According to her, they have been learning African dance since December 2012 and decided a few weeks ago to surprise the people of Tamale with a traditional dance flash mob.

The usual Sunday busy shoppers had smiles written all over their faces as they watched a bunch of white folks dancing on the forecourt of Glo Network office in Tamale.

Among the dancers included foreigners from Australia, Germany, America, England and other countries. The eye shocking incident was choreographed by Awal Alhassan, a Ghanaian Dancer who teaches traditional dance.

Madeleine Logan told Zaa News that, Tamale should expect more and exciting flash mobs anytime and anywhere.

By Issah Fawziyyz Suglo Kartu

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