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G.P.R.T.U increases transport fares in Tamale


At a meeting held by the Road Transport operators at the Conference room of the Ministry of Transport, it became obvious that, there are other major cost elements that affect the running of transport business.

In the light of this, the operators are assembling other cost elements that will enable them to come out with a realistic transport fares very soon.

The Northern Regional Chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport of Trade Union Congress (G.P.R.T.U/TUC),  Alhaji Amadu Lamusah has issued a directive in Indicating that as a result of this, the road transport operators are appealing to all commercial drivers in the Tamale Metropolis to bear with the union by maintaining the existing fares until further notice.

It further stated that all fares remain unchanged and that any driver who charges above the stipulated fares will be arrested and prosecuted. BELOWW ARE THE APPROVED FARES OF THE VARIOUS AREAS IN THE TAMALE METROPOLIS.



DESTINATION                                                       OLD FARES                                                            NEW FARES

                                                                                                GHC                                                                        GH

TOWN TO HOSPITAL                                            0.50GP                                                   0.60GP

                  LAMASHEGU                                       0.45GP                                                   0.60GP

                   SAKASAKA                                                          0.45GP                                                   0.60GP

                   ESTATES                                                              0.45GP                                                   0.60GP

                   NYOHINI                                                              0.45GP                                                   0.60GP

                   HAUSA ZONGO                                  0.50GP                                                   0.60GP

                   NYANKPALA                                       1.50GP                                                   1.20GP

                   VITTIN BARRIER                                  0.70GP                                                   0.80GP

                   KUKUO                                                                0.60GP                                                   0.70GP

                   SSNIT FLATS                                        0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   GUMANI                                                              0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   SAGNARIGU                                        0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   KAMINA                                                              0.70GP                                                   0.80GP

                   MILE NINE (9)                                     1.50GP                                                   1.20GP

                  SHISHEGU                                                            0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   VITTIN VILLAGE                                  0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   GBAMBAYA/NAA KURA                   0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   T.POLY                                                 0.55GP                                                   0.70GP

                   SAVELUGU                                                          1.40GP                                                   1.61GP



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