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Ganvulga pupils & teachers sit on the floor during instructional hours


Pupils in the Ganvulga primary school in the Kumbungu district are lying on their stomachs while taking down notes during instructional hours.

The inadequate chairs in the school have compelled both pupils and their teachers to sit on the floor to learn and do exercises.

Even though the pupils are blessed with a modern six-unit class room block with offices being constructed by government, the lack of chairs for pupils and their teachers is making teaching and learning unbearable for the pupils.

The situation according to the head teacher needs urgent attention by the Kumbungu district assembly and the education directorate.
Speaking in an interview with Zaa News at Ganvulga, the head teacher of Ganvulga primary school Zakaria Amin Rashid disclosed that teachers in the area are facing serious accommodation problem compelling them to turn some offices into sleeping places.

Ganvulga primary school like many other schools was supposed to have 8 teachers to take care of nursery one to primary six but only three teachers are currently teaching in the school.


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