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Ghana still bedeviled with issues of quality and sustainability of water- INTAGRAD


The Integrated Action for Community Development (INTAGRAD) a local nongovernmental organization based in Tamale has joined the world to mark the World Water Day in Gusheigu in the Northern region.
According to Ibrahim Nurudeen who is the programs officer at INTAGRAD, though the achievement for water in the country is encouraging and lingers around 87%, Ghana nonetheless is still bedeviled with issues of quality, equity and sustainability of water which do not auger well for the development of the country.
Mr. Nurudeen added that places like Gusheigu and Bongo districts seem to be lagging behind in terms of access and use of water infrastructure.
This year’s World Water Day is on the theme: “Water and Sustainable Development”, which seeks to bring the minds of people to the important role water plays in our developmental process.
The World Water Day falls on every 22nd March, a United Nations initiative to celebrate clean water and bring attention to those who don’t have enough of it.
He called on the authorities in Gusheigu and Bongo districts to help protect the water sources which are becoming impure from time to time. He again appealed to the various Assemblies to maintain the water facilities which are constantly breaking down.
Mr. Nurudeen made a clarion call to the government and other duty bearers to step up their efforts into ensuring access and use of water infrastructure in the Gusheigu district.
He advised those from the various communities in Gusheigu district to make it their responsibility to protect, conserve, treat and use their various community water bodies effectively and efficiently before any water crises hit the area.
Mr. Nurudeen said “the inadequacy of water militates against the developmental efforts in health, education, energy, infrastructure, livelihood and a host of other sectors of the economy”.
Sugri Natogmah Sandow who represented the Gusheigu Water and Sanitation Management Team unhappily stated “As a matter of fact, we in Gusheigu are the losing side because there is no water to celebrate this occasion”.
He disclosed that the Gusheigu township water system which was designed in 1999 to meet the requirement of a target population of 12,100 which is almost doubled to 21,000 plus is what they still depend on after 16years.
He also mentioned the current power crises (Dumso, Dumso) in Ghana as one of the major challenges since the township water system depends on electricity. Mr. Natogmah appealed to donor agencies to come to hear their cry and come to their aid.
The Assistant Coordinating Director, Fuseini Karim who represented the Gusheigu District Chief Executive thanked the nongovernmental organizations operating in Gusheigu and assured residents that Gusheigu District Assembly at the latter part of 2014 started a process to embark on a massive project that will curb the problems of water in the area.  


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