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Gov’t transformational agenda need peace-Minister appeals


Government says its effort in transforming the structure of Ghana from import driven economy to export driven one is largely depend on peaceful co-existence among Ghanaians. 

Addressing hundreds of students from basic and second cycle institutions, workers and security services at the 58th Independence anniversary parade at Tamale Jubilee Park, Northern Regional Minister Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna said government appreciate the concerns of Ghanaians of the current challenges and appealed to them to exercise patients whiles government takes steps to address the challenges.

Speaking on the theme; ’’Achieving Transformation through National Unity’’,  Alhaji Limuna assure the people in the region that, the power challenge facing the country was a temporary setback and will soon be a thing of the past.

Alhaji Limuna said Government responds to the situation was that, over the next five years, the various measures including the engagement of plants that Volta River Authority is working on and independent power producers would yield 3,665 mega watts of power.

The transformational agenda he said touches all sectors of Ghana’s economy and that government is committed in executing its programs.

The under lining factor he said is unity and appeal to religious and traditional rulers to take the lead to preach national unity.’’ Let us resolve especially to give peace a chance and I appeal to all the contesting parties in all chieftaincy or land disputes in the region, to come together and dialogue and recognized that ultimately we are all one and the same people with common destiny’’ Alhaji Limuna appealed.

The future generation the minister said will not forgive the current generation if they hand over a nation of tattered and divided society.

The cry about poor health, poor standard of education, poor agricultural productivity lack of potable drinking water and the famous ‘Dumsor’ or power rationing can only be blamed on years of neglect by us as a nation.

Ghana, government said over the years continued to scratch “surfaces’’ of the theses problems   and allowed the ‘under’ to fester and rot. The results it observed is the price Ghanaians are paying today as a nation.


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