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Hypertension &diabetes cases is on the increase in the northern region


Health authorities in the northern region are calling on the people  to cultivate the habit of regular exercise to avoid life style diseases.  Health authorities’ call comes following the increasing cases of hypertension and diabetes in the northern. 

Statistics from the Ghana health service in the northern region indicates that, the recorded 15 000 in 2010 and 30, 000 in 2012 hypertension cases.

The statistics also reveals that diabetes move from 2, thousand 000 to 3, thousand. The increased has been attributed to the increasing number of motor bikes and private cars in the region especially, Tamale over the period.

To help reduce it, health authorities are therefore suggesting that people start riding bicycles to keep their bodies healthy.   

Health experts say aerobic activities, such as running, cycling, dancing or playing high-intensity sports, provide the best for heart.

Aerobic exercise increases blood flow throughout the heart’s chambers, and through bloodstream; decreasing unhealthy pressure buildup to the heart.

Health experts  recommends that, adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise or a combination of the two, spread out over the week, but at least some activity every day.

They however warn the public to beware of putting too much stress on their heart by exceeding their target heart rate during exercise.

Overworking the heart could also lead to heart attack or stroke. It also advisable for many exercise machines to have monitors that anyone  hold onto, to find out what your heart rate is at any time during the workout.

Dr Akwasi Twumasi, the Northern Regional Health Director who disclosed this to Zaa News said the people need to do something about their life styles because as he put it ’’the girls in town are all now riding ‘mapuka’ motor bikes’’.

Malaria according to Dr Twumasi continues to be the main cause OPD attendance in the region. The cases even though are reducing, it still remain a major challenge to health authorities.



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