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I feel challenge on water crises-DCE


Water crises have hit Sang, the district capital of Mion district in the Northern Region. Residents are angry that officers at the assembly sit unconcerned at the comfort of their offices while they go through difficulties in accessing potable drinking water.

Women in Sang say, they cannot longer bear the perennial water problem and that government must find a lasting solution to it.

They told Zaa News dugouts in the area have dried up and they are now resorting to tanker services from Yendi. ’’We buy a drum of water five Ghana cedis from the tanker services; it’s too much,’’ a frustrated and angry woman told Zaa News.

The women said, the situation is affecting their economic activities and ask if their member of parliament, Dr Ahmed Yakubu is in parliament for himself or for them. Men in the area could not understand why their member of parliament who they claim knows about the problem and yet cannot help them.

 During this time of every year, communities in the northern region face major problems regarding access to potable drinking water.

Women and children and in some instances men travel several miles in search for water for households.  Many residents in Sang are demanding that, the assembly gives special attention to water sector in the area.

Experts in the water sector however say the people in Mion district will have to endure the problem because the area has a peculiar water problem. It has a very low water table.

In an interview with Zaa News, district chief executive for Mion, Dan Mankandan said he is not happy about the situation. The assembly he said is currently desilting dry-up dugouts while constructing a new one ahead towards Salikpang site of Sang Township to mitigate the problem.

The assembly he said spends a lot of money in sinking boreholes becomes difficult because like other districts where only a few pipes are used, Mion was not different.  ’’We put too much resource and get little water’’ Mr Mankandan lamented.    

In the long time solutions, the assembly has commissioned the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to carry out feasibility studies on the problem. GWCL, the DCE said the assembly was advised that connecting Sang Township to Yendi treatment center with the hope of getting permanent solutions to the problem.

On several complains by the  residents on the water situation, Mr Mankandan said he feel challenged when he hear the people complaining but under circumstances, the people need to exercise patients while the assembly takes steps to providing them with the basic social amenities. “To me it is my duty and responsibility to provide them the services, and to them, it is their rights to complain and their complains puts me on my fit’’, the DCE stated. 

According to Mr Mankandan, the area was engulfed with lot problems and two years of the assembly existence cannot solve the developmental challenges facing the area.  


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