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I will not tolerate any artificial problem -Bede Ziedeng warns


The president, John Dramani Mahama’s nominee for the position of District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole has been confirmed by members of the Bole assembly.  James Jaaga until 26th September, 2013  was a member of the bole district assembly and a two-term presiding member of the assembly of the president’s home town.

 He was not only the first sitting assemblyman for the position of The Bole DCE but also the first to be nominated from the minority tribe, the Mole, in the Gonja traditional area. His nomination and subsequent confirmation came as a surprise to many residents in the district who least expected it.

 Mr James Jaaga’s nomination added to 13, the number of MMDCEs nominated by the president John Dramani Mahama.  In spite of the Northern Regional Minister, Bede Ziedeng’s calls on assembly members to give the president’s nominees 100 percent confirmation, only Damongo and Sagnarigu districts have so far adhered to his request.

The DCE-elect for Bole, James Jaaga pulled 31 votes out of 38 valid votes cast representing 82 percent. Before voting started, the acting district chief executive, Bede Ziedeng, underscored the importance of the assembly members to confirm the president’s nominee 100 percent so that they would join what he called ’’Club one percent’’.

Despite the acting DCE and northern regional minister’s plea to the assembly members to give the president’s nominee hundred percent confirmation failed.  There was a drama when the acting DCE, Bede Ziedeng asked whether he could take part in the voting and the Deputy Northern Regional Director of electoral commission Godwin Okely said no.

But Mr Ziedeng  insisted that it is his right as acting DCE to vote, the back and forth halted the process for while and the deputy northern region EC director had to seek clarifications from his superiors which eventually  allowed Mr Ziedeng to vote.

Addressing the assembly members, Mr Ziedeng urged them to cooperate with the DCE for the speedy development of the area. He expressed confidence that, as the DCE has ever been an assembly member and Presiding Member (PM), he will use his vast experience to unite and move the district forward.

The northern regional minister appealed to party supporters and the people in the area to desist from creating what he called “Artificial problems” and lobbying of non-existing positions. ’’ As far as I remain the regional minister, I will not tolerate any artificial problem,’’ Mr Ziedeng cautioned.




 The Bole DCE thanked the president for nominating him and the assembly members for confirming him and their continued cooperation when he was the PM.

Mr Jaaga said the development of the district cannot be done by the DCE alone and called on everybody in the area to support him.

He also appealed to stakeholders especially, chiefs and religious leaders to continue preaching peace. The Member of Parliament for Bole, Joseph Saaka Akati advised the DCE to include everyone in the administration of the assembly.

He reminded the DCE for the myriad of problems confronting the people in the Bole constituency. Hon. Joseph Saaka Akati mentioned water, education and roads as some of the major developmental challenges facing the constituents.



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