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Include sheanut plantation into your manifestos –shea pickers and farmers appeal


The National Association of Sheanut Farmers, Processors and Buyers of Ghana are calling on flagbearers of the various political parties to include shea business and plantation in their manifestos.
The sheanut association believes the inclusion of sheanut industry into their manifestos will go a long way to improve the livelihoods of the people in the three northern regions.
A statement issued in Tamale and signed by its Secretary Abu Alhassan Nyobito and the national vice chairnman, Alhaji Imoro Kpaliko said visions of the political parties vying for the 2012 election who prioritize the sheanut industry  has the tendency of enhancing  their chances come December 7.
The statement stressed the need of sheanut plantation and suggested that the various political parties' leadership priotise the issue, if they are really interested in improving the socio-economic conditions of the people in the three regions of the north, especially sheanut pickers who are mostly women.
According to the statement, many youth in the region have interests in sheanut plantation but due to financial constraints, they are not able to carry out their intended plans.
The National Vice Chairman of the association, Alhaji Imoro Kpaliko appealed to government and other stakeholders in the sheanut industry to provide the women with willintan boats and hand globes to prevent them from snake bite.

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