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MPs call for public support on NSD in the north


Members of Parliament in the Northern Region have urged residents to cultivate the habit of cleaning their surroundings. The MPs say, it is the only way the people can live healthily.

The MPs are making the appeals ahead of northern region’s turn of the National Sanitation Day (NSD) scheduled on February 7, 2015. 

Speaking in separate interviews with Zaa News in their various local languages, the MPs appealed to the people in their constituencies to take the national sanitation day exercise seriously.

Deputy Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini and MP for Sagnairgu observed that, with proper sanitation practices diseases such as cholera and malaria will be defeated.

Alhaji A.B.A reechoes the old adage that says ’’cleanness is next to godliness’’ and appealed to religious leaders to inculcate the habit of cleanness in their followers. According to him, these diseases thrive in dirty environments and there is the need for everybody to be cautious about the way the communities are being littered with garbage.

The MP for Salaga North, Mumuni Alhassan also urged the people in his constituency to adhere to government initiatives to cleaning the environment.

 He said with or without government’s program on sanitation, the people should endeavor to keep their surroundings tidy.

Minister of Roads and Highway and Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini   calls on all and sundry to join the clean-up exercise come Saturday, February first.

Member of Parliament for Salaga South, Alhaji Ibrahim Dey also urged all communities in Salaga South constituency to join the exercise to ensure that the area gets rid of filth.

Alhaji Ibrahim Dey says no matter ones political affiliation, the exercise is a national one and should be treated as such. The Salaga South MP reminds the people that, when a sickness comes, it does not respect political party members. 


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