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NDC Can't Run Away from June 4-Says Chairman


The Northern Regional Vice Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Mohammed Jagri says the NDC as a party cannot totally disassociate itself from the celebration of June 4 and 31 December events in spite of the founder’s frequent attacks on the government.
He said, though, they were not in support of the former president Rawlings’ frequent attacks on the government, the party cannot disassociate itself entirely from these events which have the Rawlings as the main characters. Describing June 4 as the bases of NDC formation, the Vice Chairman the principles of probity and accountability is still relevant to the nation’s democratic dispensation.
He said, the celebration of the event is very necessary because of its ideals that seek to remind Ghanaians the need to eschew corruption and any other activities that have the tendencies to impede national development and growth. He said, probity, accountability, and transparency, which are the cardinal principles of the two events, are necessary to urge the nation on to uphold the principles of democracy and good governance hence the need to celebrate the event.
Speaking in a telephone interview with Zaa Radio, the NDC Vice Chairman said, their disagreement with the founded of NDC, former president Jerry John Rawlings is not about June 4 and 31 December celebrations saying that, the essence of the events makes them more important to mark annually. The NDC, he said, is celebrating June 4 to re-enforce the party’s internal principles of social justice, rule of law and democracy to make Ghana an idea place for political tolerance and investment.
Mr. Jagri said that, the NDC Constitution recognizes and adopts June 4 and 31 December as key to the development of the party’s social policies. June 4, he told Zaa Radio, is not being, celebrated because of its historic but to remind Ghanaians, whether in government, opposition, or private individuals, the need to eschew bribery and corruption in the country.
The Northern Regional Communication Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Abudu Abdul-Ganiu told Zaa Radio that, the principles and ideals of June 4 are positive ideals. He however, urged the NDC supporters to articulate those principles and ideals during the celebration in way that will not necessarily remind the people the bloody consequences of the event when it first occurred.
He observed that in spite of these principles and ideals, corruption and property grabbing that June 4 was against are still living with Ghanaian leadership. He advised the celebrants of June 4 to do it peacefully devoid of personality attacks. He also urged the supporters of the NDC to use the occasion to promote the ideals of accountability, transparency, and good governance, rule of law, democracy, and peace towards the forthcoming elections.]]>


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