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NHIS owes me 2million Ghana Cedis- Service provider


One of the dedicated licensed pharmacy shops in Tamale, PEEKAY Gombila Pharmacy, has hinted that by May first, 2015 the shop will stop providing service to NHIS card bearers in the Northern Region.

Pouring his frustrations on Zaa morning show on Wednesday, Mr Ibrahim Rauf Gombila said if the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) fails to reimburse him, he will have no option than to provide service to only those carrying cash.

PEEKAY Gombila pharmacy shop was the only one still attending to NationialnHealth Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card bearers in Tamale and beyond after several other pharmacy shops had stop providing drugs to NHIS subscribers.  

 The authority  Mr Gombila  said owes him one year and two months with an amount of 2 million Ghana cedis. Mr Ibrahim Rauf Gombila said his clients are running out and the earlier NHIS pays him his money the better for health service delivery in the region.

Mr Gombila claims checks he receives from the NHIS normally sometimes  bounce which come with penalties.

On daily basis, about 400 to 500 NHIS Card bearers queued at PEEKAY Gombila pharmacy shop for drugs prescribed by the medical doctors in both government and private hospitals in the region.

Documents obtained by Zaa News indicated that Mr Gombila pharmacy submitted drugs bills for the month of December 2014 for clients amounting to one hundred and sixteen thousand and thirty-nine Ghana cedis, twenty-seven pesewas.

  A total of eight thousand, eight hundred and fifteen Ghana cedis supplementary claims were also submitted to the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) in January 2015.

The NHIA however only managed to pay Mr Gombila one month (January, 2014) with an amount of sixty-three thousand seven hundred and thirty –five Ghana cedis, fifty pesewas (63, 735.50 GHC). When Zaa News caught up with Mr Gombila, he said May first is his deadline to stop attending to NHIS Card bearers. 

Mr Gombila also told Zaa News that he could not continue to  sympathize with the subscribers in the region  because his business is heading towards collapse.

 When contacted, the Northern Regional Director of NHIS, Alhaji  Hudu Iddrisu said his outfit  hopes to settle Mr Gombila even before    first May.   


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