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Northern women are enslaved in shea nut industry-UDS Lecturer bemoans


A lecture with the University for Development Studies (UDS), Dr Michael Ayamga has called for an end to exploitation of rural women in the shea nut value-chain in Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

The lecturer was not happy that organizations and private sector business operators would pretend helping the women but rather exploiting them for their own gains.

Dr Ayamga also blamed governments and policy makers for their failure to come out with good policies that will help alleviate the suffering of rural women in the shea nut industry.

He said the actions and inactions of policy makers created a room for private people to use rural folks to enrich themselves. 

According to him, figures put out by organizations at seminars do not reflect in the lives of the women who are still struggling to live decent lives and take good care of their children education.

The lecturer blamed the poverty level among rural women engaged in Shea nut industry in the Northern Region to policy failures and a few individuals engaged in it.

’’In my honest view, the Shea nut industry is enslaving the rural women instead of employing them’’, Dr Ayamga lamented.

The lecturer shared his view at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana workshop in Tamale on the progress of agricultural and significance of shea nut industry in reducing poverty in the Northern Region. He said it is unacceptable and urged all those involved in Shea nut business to stop exploiting the poor women.

Dr Ayamga said the behavior of people in shea nut industry defeats the industry’s main purpose of helping to reduce poverty among the rural women and authorities must do something about it. 

Dr Ayamga said until price justice is achieved, every development in Shea nut industry will be tantamount to enslaving the women.

’’After all the difficulties in processing shea nut into butter the price can’t make any meaningful impact in the women’s life’’, Dr Ayamga observed.  



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