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N/R Minister marks DCEs attendance of functions


Northern regional Minister Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna has for last time warned his colleague government appointees to desist from attending official functions late.

Since his assumption of office as the regional minister, he vowed not to attend functions late and always encourages his colleagues to be punctual.

 As the head of the highest deliberative body in the region, Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru Limuna warned that he would not tolerate lateness either in official functions or work at the various decentralized departments and agencies.

The minister gave a strong warning at a meeting with some selected heads of departments, presiding members and metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives to discuss on 2015 district assembly common fund and the just ended street naming exercise among other developmental issues in the region.

While congratulating some districts on reporting early, other districts scored one over three. This implies, instead of DCE or MCE together with PM and coordinating director being present, it was either coordinating director present alone or PM.

It would be recalled that, in November this year at the government for people forum at the Tamale sports stadium, the minister locked out most of the DCEs for coming to the event late.

 The action of the minister infuriated most of the DCEs who grumbled over the matter because of the implications.



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