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NRSC join forces with security agencies to deal with recalcitrant motorists in Tamale


The Northern Regional National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) in collaboration with the military, police and other security agencies have announced that, they would arrest and prosecute motorists without the crush helmet, license, side mirrors and insurance in Tamale. 

The joint operation according to the commission was to instill discipline, sanity as well as ensure that motorists adhere strictly to road safety regulations in the region. 

The joint operation would include the military, the police and fire service personnel. It is estimated that, motorbikes form about 80% of Northern Region’s transport system, hence the commonest to find.

The motor system of transport is very convenient because of its convenience and portability, everybody including women and children can ride motorbikes without encountering any difficulty.

In spite of its numerous advantages, safety of motor bike rider’s remains a major challenge facing stakeholder’s fighting against indiscipline in the Tamale metropolis. 

It is against this backdrop that, major stakeholders are intensifying their efforts to curb road crushes menace. The NRSC in the northern region says it is deeply worried that, motorists do not care about their own lives on the roads, hence the need to instill discipline on motorists’   negligence of not putting on crush helmet and viewing mirrors while riding.

The result of this negative attitude of riders, according to the commission, has caused avoidable accidents which claimed several lives and damage to properties.

This precautionary measure is being taken to enforce safety in the streets of Tamale and to reduce road accidents.

The northern regional manager of National Road Safety Commission, Alexander Aryeetar in an interview with Zaa News said his outfit would not countenance lawlessness in Tamale anymore and urged politicians and opinion leaders to advise the people to obey laws rather interfering in disciplinary issues unnecessarily. 

Mr. Alexander also warned heads of various departments in the Tamale metropolis to ensure that their staff adhere to road safety regulations or risk losing their staff on the operation day which he refused to mention.


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