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Prominent Islamic scholar in Tamale threatens ex-wife life


Police in the Northern Region have commenced investigation into alleged acid attack by a highly respected Islamic scholar in Tamale, (name withheld) on his ex-wife.

Both the roofing sheets and the building of the women located at Banvim started shedding off as a result of the corrosive acid being secretly poured on it.

The incident happened few months after a misunderstanding ensued between the couples leading to the woman calling for their marriage to an end three months early this year.

It comes at the time Ghanaians are still grappling with the acid attack which led to the death of the Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Adam Mahama in Bolga.  

The incident as narrated by the woman has its modus operandi similar to the alleged attackers of the late Adam Mahama were two young men on a motor bike stopped him and allegedly poured acid on him.

The two boys, one Mustapha and Yaala rode a motor bike with petrol in a gallon, matches and papers stopped at her aunt’s house located in Asawaba, a suburb of Tamale. Yaala who was billed to burn the car was immediately arrested by the vigilant youth in the area in his attempt to light a paper he was holding. 

His accomplice, one Mustapha who was anxiously waiting with the motor bike they rode to the woman’s aunt’s house took to his heels after Yaala was arrested and taken to the police station.

An informant told the former Bank of Africa worker, that her ex-husband allegedly sent some boys to pour the corrosive acid on the building amidst threats on her life spiritually if she refused to come back to his house.

 According to the banker, scholar also threatens to fight her spiritually and burn the car he bought for her.

The persistent threats on her life made the banker to blacklist the Sheik phone numbers but that did not stop her from receiving threats from her ex-husband.

But for the vigilance of the area boys in Banvim, the woman car and the house would have been set ablaze by two boys allegedly sent by the Sheik.

 Narrating her ordeal to Zaa News, the banker who is now jobless said she has forgone her banking work under the orders of the Sheik after wedding her as house wife till now.

She maintained that she has no doubt that her ex-husband sent the boys to burn her car because the hangs on are his boys and Sheik cannot disassociate himself from the boys’ act.

She told Zaa News that the boys contracted to destroy her life were sent to Bolga again with the same threats. She said they followed her to Bolga where her parents reside to burn down her aunt’s stall.

In his caution statement at the police station, the Sheik denied any knowledge of the acid attack and attempt to burn his ex-wife’s car. 




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