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Sack Inusah Fuseini- NDC youth demand from Mahama; but constituency executives say is outrageous


The Ward Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Dohinayili electoral area of the Tamale central constituency have expressed their disquiet about the attitude of some youth groups of the NDC in the Tamale Central constituency.
The Dohinayili ward executives say the disregard for party structures and leaders as well as hooliganism among the youth in the constituency is becoming deep rooted and if not addressed immediately will cause the party of its fortunes in the 2016 general elections.
According to the Ward executives, it is becoming rare for some of the NDC youth to level unsubstantiated allegations against the MP of Tamale Central Constituency Alhaji Inusah Fuseini for their selfish parochial interest.
This the party hierarchy and the presidency to a larger extend bought into paving way for more youth to go haywire in throwing baseless accusations to innocent and hardworking members of the party particularly the MP Alhaji Inusah Fuseini.
The most recent is the group calling itself the Concerned Youth of NDC’s outrageous call for the president to relieve the MP of his post as the Minister of Land and Natural Resources.
This was contained in a statement issued in Tamale and signed by the Ward chairman Alhaji Abdulai Yakubu and copied to Zaa News. The statement described the groups’ demands as outrageous because all the reasons given for their position is far from the truth and that the executives are certain the MP has worked to the best of his ability to better the socio-economic conditions of the people of his constituency.
The statement said, the MP has empowered and also assisted in paying school fees. The group in their press conference stated the MP has been claiming he is no longer interested in running the Tamale Central Constituency and that those who are aggrieved should wait to vote him out come 2016.
This, the statement said, is total fabrication and challenged the youth to point out where the MP made such a statement.
The MP was among the first batch of ministers appointed by the president, affirming that President Mahama had absolute trust in Alhaji Inusah Fuseini’s ability to assist him in the delivery of the Better Ghana Agenda promised by the NDC in the 2012 general elections. It added that the MP has exhibited high level of competence and willingness to deliver. “For the first time, we have seen the large repatriations of foreign illegal miners under his watch as Minister,” the statement praised Inusah Fuseini.
He has also, as part of his contribution to the constituency, built countless number of school infrastructures for many schools in the constituency.
Notably among them are Farukiyya Islamic school, Wataniyya Islamic school, Unity Primary school known as kulikuli school, Queen Elizabeth with unprecedented storey building among others.
The KVIP toilets under the MP’s initiatives are dotted across the constituency. Another outrageous claim by the group is that the MP is highly inaccessible to constituency members.
The youth claimed the MP stays in private hotels most of the time when he visits the constituency instead of his private residence.
“This, we consider a blatant lie because the MP is in Tamale virtually every week one group of NDC or the other. The group should come out clear and stop hiding under sheep skin as a wolves,’’ the statement added.
It also disagreed that the NDC in the Tamale central constituency is gradually sinking as alleged by the group. “If anybody or group at all the party leadership must rise up and bring to order, it must be the hooligans who sidestep the party structures, disregard part leaders and wash the dirty linen of the party outside’’.. However, we call on President Mahama to ignore the call to dismiss Alhaji Inusah Fuseini as the Minister of Land and Natural Resources with immediate effect”.
Any attempt to hide to the groups’ call will see the collapse of the party in the constituency. Majority of the NDC members in the constituency are satisfied with the performance of the MP and the president must not listen to them.

By Ibrahim Dikunyalala/


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