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Tamale sexcapades


To sex voyeurs — patrons of pornography magazines and pornography websites— the lurid photos of young females in the northern capital, Tamale, engaging in sex acts with an amorous casavona, a young man reported to be living in Canada, are godsend. They couldn’t have asked for more.Voyeurism aside, the true impact of the photos/videos is the uproar they have created in the Tamale metropolis; residents are understandably very angry at the young ladies for staining the otherwise pristine character of the city, remember, Tamale is religiously conservative and behavior such as that displayed by the ladies is largely frown upon.The girls have been described variously as prostitutes, cheap and pushovers. Not surprisingly, some decided  it was in their best interest and that of their families to abandon  an environment they know so well for parts unknown; one is said to have lost her employment with Vodaphone and the rest are said to have gone into hiding, embarrassed by the graphic revelations of their genitals.However, much of the ire should be directed towards the young man whose parents are well known and who came out staunchly to defend their ward with the lame excuse that someone had pilfered the electronic device on which the photos were stored. But this explanation falls far short of assuaging the simmering anger of thousands of Tamale residents who have seen the photos.As someone who holds Tamale dear, the action of the young man is abhorrent. He is solely responsible for the fate that has befallen the ladies. He wooed them with fancy stories, promised them heaven, won their hearts and trust and then turned around and betrayed them. My questions to him are: What prompted you to morph overnight into a pornographer? Trying to outdo Hollywood, young buck? Did you have an agenda and if so what is it? To prove your little manhood? Were you rejected by girls in your previous life as a young man in Tamale and are you now using your status as a Canadian resident to lure those poor ladies into having sex you with the intent of recording your actions for posterity?I wonder if the young man took leave of his senses. Why on earth, given the technological advances in the world today, would anyone in his right mind record sex sessions with a cluster of lovers thinking he would be able to shield the photos from the prying eyes of those who knew of his amorous adventures? Or why does he harbor the ridiculous notion that he could preserve the videos for his fiendish enjoyment without anyone stumbling upon them?It feels awfully good to lambast the young cretin, but the ladies should not be spared either. Every indication is that they were wilful participants in the sex videos. Just watch the videos one more time and you would come to the conclusion that the ladies, or at least a large number of them were enjoying every moment. Why they would succumb to the charms of an unknown quantity beats me, but these are trying times in Ghana, and with a sputtering economy and poverty at unprecedented levels, the chances of any lady falling prey to a conniving idiot with a camera phone and a wad of money and claiming to be an immigrant from Europe, the United States or Canada, are high. Implicit in this sex scandal is a moral lesson for the young women of Tamale.Your reputation and marriage prospects, but above all your health (STDS are still pervasive) rest entirely on the way you conduct your personal life. If you are perceived as being an easy lay, a girl with loose morals, things can get real complicated. Not only would your name and character be impugned, you won’t be able to find a suitor willing to forget your past, but more frightening is the fact that you would be relegated to the fringes of society and viewed with scorn and condescension.While it is easy to question the behavior of the young man who allegedly made the videos, it is important to note that there is a prevalent behavior among young Ghanaian men living and working overseas to travel home and engage in debauchery. They believe, however erroneously, that they are entitled to hordes of females, young ones of course, on account of their social and financial status. But to harbor this notion is just plain foolhardiness and it is the height of irresponsibility to woo young girls with promises of marriage and ultimately residence overseas.Let’s hope that this sex scandal is the last of its kind we will ever witness again. Whatever happens in the privacy of someone’s bedroom should remain private and not become the property of sex voyeurs around the world. The young ladies have had their reputations irretrievably damaged, and it will take a fairly long time for them to recover from the trauma and shame that have befallen them.


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