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There is no longer discipline in nursing profession- Midwife reveals


Some senior nurses in the northern region  have descended heavily on young nurses for bringing the nursing profession into disrepute.

According to the senior nurses  the negative attitudes of some young nurses especially, female ones have brought a lot of public outcry and ridicule to the profession with many now thinking it’s a  money making venture instead of live saving.

 A midwife at the vittin health clinic who could not hide her frustration wondered why some young nurses will sidestep the Ghana health service and their in-charge at the ward level and rather go to politicians to address their problems.

Madam Cecilia Mahama said some of the young nurses instead of learning from the senior ones, they rather are misbehaving and when the senior ones attempt to correct them they show disrespect which not augur well in health service delivery. ’’A young nurse was transferred to a place she was not comfortable with and instead of complaining to the health directorate she went to a minister and her transfer was reversed; that is the extent and how dangerous these young nurses are’’, Madam Cecilia lamented.

 Madam Cecilia and her colleague were sharing responding to some who had issues with the way and manner nurses treat them at the health facilities in Bilpala. The senior nurses say the profession is a call and anyone in it with any other motive will definitely misconduct himself or herself.

The senior nurses who were not happy about recent happenings in the profession said they have done their best to remedy the situation but some young nurses vow not to change their attitudes towards the work.

 A midwife at Bilpela health clinic Hajia Hawabu Iddrisu, who corroborated with Madam Cecilia, attributed some of the misbehaviors to the homes the nurses come from and urged parents who want their children to become nurses to train them to be of good behavior.

 Madam Cecilia said the senior nurses are trying their best for the young ones to change their attitudes and that they will not allow the young nurses to send them to their early graves because of most of them are due for retirement.

But some of the young nurses who could not dispute the women claims said there are bad ones in every profession and appealed to the senior nurses to take them as their sons and daughters and counsel them properly.


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