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Time has come for household toilets, no more public toilet-Sorogudoo


The District Chief Executive of Sagnarigu, Mohammed Alhassan Sorogudoo has urged residents in the district to cultivate the habit of building household toilets to reduce the pressure on the public ones.  He further appealed to the community members to take care of the existing public toilets and ensure proper sanitation practices to avoid contracting communicable diseases.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of a 20-Seater public toilet at WARD ‘’k’’ electoral area in the Sagnarigu District, Hon. Sorogudoo urged the people in the district to cultivate the habit of building household latrines because public toilets will not be enough to accomodate an increasing population.

The DCE said it is not just the assemblies coming together to build a toilet facility for the people, but the people themselves have to contribute their quota towards development of the communities.

”The time has come for assemblies to put emphases on the need to build household toilet; household toilet in the sense you are not far from getting communicable diseases’; the DCE observed’’.

He also reminded the people of the increasing rate population and that if the assemblies don’t encourage building household toilet and always depend on public; the assemblies will one day have themselves wanting where people using a whole day queuing to eased themselves.   The toilet was jointly built by the Tamale metropolitan assembly and the Sagnarigu district assembly.

The Sagnarigu DCE also expressed concern over some parent’s attitudes towards the upbringing of their children and appeal to parents and guardians to have more time with their children.

 He stressed that, parents need to have time with their children and counsel their wards at least every morning to enable them to become responsible citizens in the society. Hon. Sorogudoo appealed to the Ghana Education Service to strengthen the guidance and counsel unit so that it can play its role effectively.

Touching on the floods in the Tamale north constituency in the Sagnarigu district, Hon. Sorogudoo attributed the causes to improper building and proper drainage systems. He said government through ministry of water resource works and housing has put in place measures to address the situation.

He assured the people that Arab constractors will soon commence work on the construction of proper drainage system in the area. He stated that development is about an individual responsibility and that it is a collective or concerted effort and therefore appealed to Chiefs to not just allocate any area for people to build because there are some areas meant drains, roads and other public interest facilities.

He urged the communities to do themselves good by avoiding littering the environment and throwing refuse into the gutters because the gutters get choked and the end result is flooding or what is now known as the annual ritual of the Sagnarigu district and Tamale north constituency.

Hon. Sorogudoo made passionate appeal to women to desist from dumping the rubbish into the drains, warning that the assembly is no more a toothless dog as they perceive them b, but will bite this time around if anybody found disobeying its authority. 

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